Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Let's Book it Challenge! (and some swap stuff AND Fluff Project sneak peek!)

Oh yeah, I got my book it challenge done early this month so I'm posting it now.

I double dipped (twice?) for this.  I was making things to swap (that's why I'm done early) and I was using TWO books I've used before but I made different patterns.  So I'm counting the pair as one book it challenge completion.

Ok, enough blather.  PICS or it didn't happen.

I didn't use this book for the book it challenge before, but I have made the pig from it before (for a swap).

This time I made. . .

The rabbit with a slight modification.

I made a jackalope!

I used a pattern from the Nuno Runo blog (the santa and reindeer set) for the antlers and just tucked them into the head seam as I was sewing.

And, I'd like it noted, I used a blanket stitch for this whole damn jackalope.  I love the look of blanket stitch but it feels so SLOW when I'm doing it.

Also (for the record) this stuffie is only about 3 inches tall.  Which was too small for the swap requirements I was making it for *headdesk*.  So I included a second stuffie.

I'll show this shark off more when I show off the completed Fluff Project items for March but this is the sneak peek.

I was giving the pattern a test run and realized my version was significantly smaller thanks to my printing it to fit the page instead of full size.  I'm making full sized items for the Fluff Project (along with the whale that was part of this same pattern, but more on that later once I have all that done).

For the second book it challenge item, I made another project from the Sock it to Me book (the one I used last month).

This turned out so cute!

So SMUG but so cute!


  1. Love your little stuffies - always unique

  2. I just love these, I hope you keep making the whole book :)

  3. The shark stuffy is wonderful. Your fabric choice is perfect.

  4. The shark stuffy is wonderful. Your fabric choice is perfect.