Friday, June 6, 2014

REVIEW: Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Fat Quarter Bundle

Yes, yes, yes, I know the fabric fast technically isn't over but when the Fat Quarter Shop sent me a 20% off coupon code AND they had their mystery fat quarter bundles available, I decided I needed a small treat.

You see, the mystery fq packs have 12 fat quarters of coordinating fabrics (from the same line) for $19.50.  With my 20% discount, that meant I'd only be spending $1.05 to ship it.  So I was looking at getting some fat quarters for $1.71 each.  Quilt shop quality fat quarters, mind you, not just the gauzy cheap ones you can get at Joanns.  Hell, the ones at Joanns are usually more than $1.71.

Even if the fast had JUST begun, I'd have jumped on the deal.  See, I love me some mystery bundles.  And I bought one from the Fat Quarter Shop before and it was nice (sparkly christmas fabrics).

My little treat arrived yesterday and I was SHOCKED.

I got 12 fat quarters of Fox Field.

Eeee, I saw that fabric before and had thought "ooh, nice" but I didn't add it to my official Wish List because, well, the Wish List is kind of long and I really don't need to be buying fabric.

But I LOVE the horse print in this line.

And now I have some!!

Fancy fabric circle FAIL.  But I give myself a thumbs up for really trying (and the rotting picnic table in my yard gives me etsy barnwood cred, yo!)


Yeah, I need to make a patch using some of my ponies.  I'm thinking Tina Belcher might need to be in between them.  That fabric gives me such a Tina vibe.

But lets not poo-poo the other fabrics.  Look how nice they all are.  Some really good blenders in there.  I love the low volume gray one and the zig zag stripes is really much more vibrant in person.  Hell, they all are.

OH, and the polka dot ones have bunnies on them.  Randomly there are bunnies in place of a dot.  Yes, that makes me happy.

So, what is my official verdict on this purchase?


Great price, especially if you have a discount code.  Just buying it by itself (no code) wouldn't make it as great a deal (and I probably wouldn't pay full shipping just for this one item).  But if you're making an order for something else, adding a mystery bundle on would be a no brainer.  Especially if you really love mystery bundles.  Excellent quality fabrics cut and packaged well and shipping quickly.  I'm very pleased.


Since I'm doing a bit of a buying confession, I also have to admit I made a big purchase from a week ago, too.  I spent $35 and got a bunch of stuff from my wish list, the majority of it was on sale.  And only one item was NOT on my Wish List.  Most of it was cat fabrics but I also got some Wee Wander (the pony print was the only thing that wasn't on sale but I got it anyway since the other prints in that line were on sale and I just wanted to totally cross Wee Wander off my Wish List).  I was going to take pics but then I had a rush of being tidy and filed it away in my stash and I'm not going to pull it all back out now.


  1. Yummy.Love fabric post.Have fun playing with them!!

  2. OMG, I would love to have gotten that mystery bundle!

  3. Having *just* finished some things with FQs from Joanne's and pairing up with some Robert Kaufman FQs I had in are right on with the "gauzy" bit. Total crap and on sale for $1.99. Score for you on some quality (and really pretty) fabrics.

  4. Um wow! I'm glad they didn't throw some randomly weird fabric in there with it, great luck!

  5. You are a lucky lady! I love Tula Pink! Wish I had known about that sale! The fabric fast has really helped cut down on my spending but I still feel like an addict, so I am hanging in until Dec I think. And only purchase the really on sale fabric! For the one shopping in Joanns, I have found if you shop the deals and sales online you get more for your money. Except I do buy the standard stock Robert Kaufman Kona Solids. The colors they don't carry I buy online on sale! Guess what? They are the same quality. Sorry, jumping of the soap box. Another great place for sales is just search for what you want and find the best price!