Monday, September 22, 2014

For a Swap: Purple Dotee

It's for the rainbow/color series.  Purple this time.  For this series I'm doing patchwork for each doll.  I wanted something different so I used the bunny pattern I have (from the Fluff Project bunnies) which worked really well.

Tail in the back, of course.

I also figured out a smarter way to do the patchwork, too.  At least for these dolls where I trace the shape onto a double layer of fabric then sew right on the line and then trim it out.  I made a sheet of patchwork and then sewed the ends to each other to make a tube.  Then I could roll it around to find the best placement for the pattern piece because I really wanted to preserve this:

I just had to have that scrap whole on the bunny.  It's just kind of cool and I really like it.  Sewing the fabric end to end made that possible and I think I wasted less of the patchwork in the long run.

This one will get mailed out shortly.  I want to get one more patch finished then I can mail out this bunny, the two patches I showed off previously, and the new patch.  But I have to draw up my design for that patch, first.

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