Tuesday, September 8, 2015

For a Swap: Ninni w/a Costume

This is getting mailed out this week.

Ninni in a costume.

A very rare mer-ninni.

Naked ninni!

The tail is (as the pic shows) removable.

(oh and fun fact, these are fabrics left over from the very first giant squid I ever made--I love that sushi fabric so much!)

The tail is lined with linen to give it a bit more stability for all the scallop stitching (machine stitches for the win!).

I was going to attempt an elastic waist but after I got it almost done I realized it didn't need it (which was a relief).  I was also planning a bra top but the ninni's body is so squat there just simply wasn't room.

This was fun to figure out and not that frustrating.  I made a test one in linen first and I think that made all the difference.

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